Hotels are all about service to guests and the lifts in a hotel are intrinsic to ensuring the hotel can be operated efficiently delivering the desired level of customer service.

Over the years our lift consultants have worked on many lift projects in hotels, from small individual independent ones to global brand names.

A short selection of such projects is given below

Lift Consultant Hotel Experience

  • Extremely poor reliability plagued the lifts in this five star hotel on the outskirts of Paris. This was partially due to poor lift maintenance but was mainly a result of under investment in the lifts. The hotel lifts were in dire need of upgrading but the owners (the hospitality arm of a global private equity firm) had limited budgets available. Following a detailed lift survey, The Lift Consultancy came up with a hotel lift modernisation programme covering all 12 lifts and spanning three years. The programme was prioritised based on the impact to the customer service and also took in the necessary safety upgrades required under French law. The lift modernisation and lift refurbishment work is well under way with several lifts complete, delivery reliability and vastly improved customer service.
  • For a lift consultant there were many interesting challenges on the lift modernisation/replacement project to the 11 lifts in this four star central London hotel. They included providing lift service to an additional upper floor for the main passenger lift group (effectively extending the lift shaft up a floor); identifying lift companies that had experience with adjacent access cross-corner guided, motor-room-less lifts and careful planning of the access/egress routes in this awkwardly accessible 19th centaury building.
  • The lift consultant responsibilities on this project included full lift consultancy services as well as Cost Consultancy, Project Management and Contract Administration. The contract itself was intended as a turn-key lift project with all ancillary work to be included by the lift contractor. From the early planning stages during which a cost plan was put together until final witness testing on site, the project was tightly managed on and off site to ensure the project was delivered in a timely manner and within budget.
  • This huge international hotel company had a diverse range of brands within it’s group ranging from luxury 5-star to comfort 3/4-star. The actual hotel buildings range from low height to high-rise and just about everything in between. The challenge for The Lift Consultancy was to completely re-write the Lift, Escalator and Docking Equipment specification so that it could be used on new and modernisation projects globally.
  • The result is a concise, yet comprehensive very workable Specification covering taking on board the diverse building requirements, service levels of the different brands and difference in Lift Standards across the globe.

If you would like to know more about our lift consultant experience on these or the many other hotel projects they have worked on then please get touch. We would be happy to discuss any potential projects you have. The number on this website is routed through directly through to a lift consultant who would be pleased to help.

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